Welcome to ALEXANDROS LEMONIS Handmade Ceramics

Sifnos belongs to the western Cyclades. Its area amounts to 74 sq. Km. and its distance from Piraeus is 75 nautical miles. The highest point is the mountain of Prophet Elias at 680 meters. The residents hospitality and courtesy in combination with the excellent natural beauty make it an ideal tourist destination and resort.

The ancient art of pottery still continues nowadays to flourish and is one of the more traditional arts and trademark of the island.

The family of ALEXANDROS LEMONIS has a long tradition in ceramics. This tradition wanted to keep himself. He started the pottery at age 16, taught by his uncle. In 1994 he began to work professionally. The workshop and exhibition are in Platis Gialos and since 1998 maintains a second exhibition in Apollonia.


The Handmade Ceramics “ALEXANDROS LEMONIS” maintain two exhibitions on which you can find a wide range of our handmade ceramics.

Workshop & Exhibition

The first exhibition is located in Platis Gialos with the workshop in which you can see “live” throughout the process how we make our ceramics.

Exhibition in Apollonia

In the capital of Sifnos Apollonia, you can find the Exhibition of ALEXANDROS LEMONIS Handmade Ceramics just in the the town centre.